The Mystery of Faith CD
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Thanks for stopping by. My hope is that you'll find some helpful resources for ministry, or just some instruction and inspiration along the journey. If nothing else, it may be a simple reminder that we are all on this together. 
My most recent project is a new book and CD with David C. Cook and Integrity Music. These two projects-- along with 6 training videos-- are integrated in ways that I've never done before. The CD is called "The Mystery of Faith" and will release as an iTunes LP with the training videos, while the book-- which gives more theology and story behind my journey reflected in the project-- is called "Discover the Mystery of Faith" and will release in IBooks, Kindle and all other ebook formats. (Print/paper copies will be available through Amazon.To find out more, click HERE.

For now, there's lots more to check out on my site. There's a link to my blog and a page to preview my books and music and other training resources. You can listen to streaming tracks, download chord charts for most of my newer songs, and watch book trailer videos, song story videos, sermon clips, and a few full sermons. And if you're interested, you can keep up with my travel schedule by clicking "Events," though you'll find I don't do too much traveling in a year!
So...Take your time. Read. Listen. Think. Enjoy.
Grace and peace,